Adventuring beyond is an Encyclopædia Britannica series of five Social Studies textbooks for Classes 1 to 5. These extend to Social Science textbooks covering History, Geography, and Social and Political Life for Classes 6, 7, and 8. Conforming to the National Curriculum Framework, 2005, and designed according to the new NCERT Upper Primary syllabus, 2005. Adventuring beyond is comprehensive and revolves around ideas and themes drawn from History, Geography, Civics, Economics, and Sociology in a balanced manner. Suitably graded, the series develops the social, cultural, and analytical skills required to adjust to an increasingly interdependent and diverse world.

The salient features are as follows:

  • Variety of activities, experiments, surveys, and craft activities to 'learn while doing'
  • Questions that encourage investigative skills
  • Assignments to develop thinking and scientific skills
  • Opportunities for group discussions and debates
  • Additional information including case studies for discussion and inference
  • Factoids supported by thinking points and web links
  • Awareness of and sensitivity towards ecological issues
  • Infobits on healthy living
  • Web resources to encourage research
  • Word bank of social science terms
  • Glossary running alongside the content with meanings of difficult words
  • Sample test papers for each term
  • CD-ROM that supplements the textbook content with chapter wise animations, visual information, and interactive exercises.
  • Teacher’s manual and teacher’s notes to assist the teaching process
  • Specific icons alongside exercises and assignments indicate the skills for assessment through continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE).

Adventuring beyond aims to develop skills that will help learners seek harmony in the diversity of the world around them, encourage learners to blaze new paths, and have a learning experience that goes beyond.

Classes: 1 to 8

Components: CD-ROM that supplements the textbook, Teacher’s book for each level